Monday, 8 August 2011

Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Many women would like to find out what the essential items are for a minimalist wardrobe and whilst many other blogs and websites provide a list of items, such as the white shirt or black dress, I found that when trying to create a minimalist wardrobe, these lists didn't work for me as it didn't take into account my complete lifestyle or the seasons.

Instead I chose a different way to build my minimalist wardrobe based on my various lifestyle activities.

As a result, I have five small capsule wardrobes, which contain enough clothes to meet my needs and I store my clothes according to the capsule it belongs to.

If you are reading this blog with the hope of finding out what the wardrobe essentials for women are, I hope you will find my approach to creating a minimalist wardrobe for women useful.

My five capsules are as follows:

Please click on the links to see a photo of each capsule.
  • "Casual/Weekend" - based around two casual classics - a denim skirt and denim jeans.
    • "Formal Social"  - three outfits for a smart evening party, a wedding, a funeral
      • "Smart Casualwear" - two outfits, (summer and winter), worn when I meet friends for lunch or visit family and want to dress up a bit. 
        • "Outerwear" - a raincoat and warm wintercoat, together with a smart pair of boots and snow boots.
          • "Activewear" - for exercising, swimming, walking and hiking.

          My complete wardrobe takes up half a rail, but that is all that I need.
          My complete wardrobe.

          You may have other "Lifestyle Activities" that aren't represented in my wardrobe. For example, you may want to create capsules along the following themes:
          • "Office Wear"
          • "Night Club Wear"
          • "Hobby Wear" - if you have hobbies that require specific items of clothing.

          I hope you will find this approach useful whether you are young and looking to start creating a wardrobe or older and have accumulated a lot of clothes and are looking to declutter your wardrobe.


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