Monday, 5 September 2011

Redefining your Style as a Minimalist

For most people, their personal style can be found in the different outfits that they wear.

A Minimalist has a different way of thinking about their own personal style.

Their style revolves around the fact that they wear the same outfit all the time.

Would you feel comfortable wearing the same outfit all the time?

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For my Degree, I studied Fashion Design. Although I graduated over 20 years ago, I can still clearly recall the entire wardrobe of one of my college friends.

She basically wore the same outfit all the time and now looking back, I realise she was a minimalist.

In her first year, all she owned was:

A black cardigan for winter,  a white t-shirt for summer, a pair of jeans, a pair of Doc Martin shoes and a very expensive Winter coat.

Although her wardrobe was sparse, just five items, her clothes were always clean and neatly pressed, (she washed her tops every night by hand, the jeans got washed every few days.) The only jewelry she wore was a simple watch with a black leather strap.

She was also a true eccentric and had the most amazing personal style.

Whilst her wardrobe was minimalist, she spent all her spare money on her hair. Each term she spent a small fortune on hair extensions - the most amazing long, white, corkscrew curls that came down to her waist.

In the day, she wore no make-up, but for a night out, she spent ages on her make-up, the results were simple and stunning - a flawless pale complexion, bright red lipstick and black eyeliner.

My friend was definately someone who was comfortable wearing the same outfit day in, day out.

Would you feel comfortable wearing the same outfit all the time?


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