Thursday, 8 December 2011

Recession Style - What to wear to the Downsized Office Christmas Party.

Last week was the annual Christmas party for one of the companies I work for and due to the recession, the company slashed its budget from £25 a head to £7.50 a head.

I work in a clothes shop and this new Downsized Christmas party proved a challenge for everyone. What were we going to do and more importantly, what were we going to wear?

In previous years our Christmas parties took place in nice restaurants and we usually dress up and wear party dresses - see mine- here  (This photo  shows my "Formal / Social " capsule wardrobe)

This reduced budget proved a real challenge to the team, but being a creative bunch, we came up with the perfect solution and decided to hold the Christmas Party in the store.

We already had a few small tables, which we put up and by using some stools, deck-chairs and a few cardboard boxes, managed to provide seating for everyone. It was good fun and everyone brought along a bottle of wine each or some beer and the £7.50 a head budget was spent on dishes from the local Indian Take-away or the local Wagamamas. (Later in the evening Wagamamas kindly delivered some free desserts for us all.)

It was a really challenge deciding what to wear. Party dresses were too over the top and jeans were to casual.Strangely enough, most of us dressed in a similar way - a smart / casual skirt or trousers with a casual evening top.

I wore several of my basic minimalist wardrobe items - a black pencil skirt, again from my formal social capsule wardobe, a black vest top, and black ballerina pumps, jazzed up with a purple cardigan and a sparkly silver necklace. 

A good time was had by all and was definately an unusual Christmas Party that I am sure will be remembered by us all for many years to come.

How to Dress for parties and how to create a party capsule wardrobe


  1. Your outfit from wardrobe items you already had sounds fantastic for the occasion.
    There are daily posts for festive season styling on Inspired Capsule.
    You have another regular follower!

  2. Hi Trudy, thank you for your comments.
    My outfit was based around timeless classic pieces that I already owned (a black skirt, a black vest top) and jazzed up with a purple cardi and sparkly necklace.
    I have taken a look at Inspired Capsule and really like how you also build outfits around basic items and then add different accessories to change the look or jazz them up.

  3. That certainly will be a Christmas party to remember. Good for you and your store for making the most of a low-budget situation!