Thursday, 4 October 2012

Minimalist Wardrobe for Fall / Autumn 2012

Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials for Fall / Autumn 2012

Here in the UK, Autumn has finally arrived and is one of my favourite seasons - a real treat for the senses, a time to pack away the lighter clothes of summer and bring out something more warm and snuggly.
Not only does Autumn give us the beautiful colours of the turning leaves to enjoy, it is a season that has its own unique smells - the damp smell of the earth as it absorbs the heavy rainfalls of autumn, the smell of smoke from garden bonfires recently lit to burn pruned branches and the smell of coal fires from homes lucky enough to still have an open fire. Autumn mornings are often misty and I enjoy watching the sunrise gradually burning the mist away.

For me Autumn / Fall clothing and accessories is all about keeping warm and dry and at this time of year, the following items are Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials:
  • A large golfing style umbrella - Small umbrellas aren't much use in torrential rain and strong winds, so a large golfing style is going to provide much better protection from the rain.
  • A long waterproof raincoat - The weather can still be warm at this time of year and a wool winter coat is often too warm, therefore, a long waterproof raincoat that comes to the knee, or even below, is ideal as it helps to keep most of your body and clothes dry and is still fairly warm.
  • Waterproof everyday shoes - The number of shoes you need depends on your lifestyle. You may need a smart pair for work, and a more casual pair for week-ends / running errands.
  • Waterproof Handbag.
  • Warm hosiery - socks, tights & stockings to keep your feet and legs warm and dry. (A spare pair in your hand-bag is handy incase you get splashed by cars or wet in the rain).
Minimalist Wardrobe Extras
  • A stylish or pretty scarf to jazz up your raincoat
  • A hat - An umbrella will help keep you dry, but hair usually suffers in the damp and rain. So to keep your hair looking great, invest in a hat such as a beret or beanie. These tend to stay put on your head, whereas hats with brims may get caught by the wind and blown off. A Square silk scarf is a good alternative if it suits you.  
I hope Autumn is beautiful where ever you are.

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