Friday, 27 May 2011

Storing your clothes - the chic and minimalist way.

It is the middle of Spring here in England, and over the last few weeks I have started to prepare my wardrobe for the warm and sunny days ahead.

I don't keep all of my clothes in my wardrobe, instead I have spilt my wardrobe in two - Spring/Summer clothes and Autumn/Winter clothes.

Clothes for the current season are stored in my wardrobe, and the out of season clothes are stored away in a suitcase under my bed.

Last winter in England was one of the coldest on record and when the weather started to turn warm a few weeks ago, I couldn't wait to pull out the suitcase from under my bed and start to unpack all my lovely light Spring/Summer clothes. It was just like Christmas as I rediscovered summer clothes I had forgotten about over the long winter months. 

I gladly packed all my winter clothes away into the suitcase, and started to fill my wardrobe with my light, bright Spring/Summer clothes.  

As I unpacked my clothes, I also tried many on to make sure they still fitted, which thankfully they did and checked to see if anything needed repairing - which they didn't.

I store my clothes in my wardrobe in a really simple way. 

I have a rail and two shelves in my wardrobe. On the rail I have hung my three summer dresses, and then all my summer tops,  grouping together t-shirts, long sleeve tops, blouses and cardigans.  On the shelves, I folded my summer skirts and stored them on one shelf, and on the other shelf I have stored my shorts, summer trousers and jeans.

On the rail I also have a long fabric shoe organiser.

Storing my clothes in this way makes getting dressed in the morning easy. I simply open my wardrobe,  choose which bottom  I would like to wear that day and then choose a top from the rail.

If I want to wear a dress, they are all stored together and if I need a cardigan to wear over the top, it is easy to choose one as they are all hung together.
When I have put all my clothes away into the wardrobe, I then carry out a review of my clothes to see if there are any gaps.

My next blog entry will be about my review and the resulting chic and minimalist shopping trip.


  1. I've always had trouble storing my off-season clothes in a minimalist way, and I like the suitcase under the bed idea! Its easy to access, as opposed to putting everything in a storage tub in the basement. I live in Colorado, where we will literally have a day that is 65-degrees (F) in January, and the next day get slammed with a blizzard! Its difficult to plan for those sorts of weather-swings, but I guess that's what I get for living in such a crazy state!

  2. Adrienne,
    I'm glad you liked my suitcase under the bed idea.
    It does make my life a lot easier.
    Your weather in Colorado sounds interesting.
    In the UK, usually in Spring the weather goes a bit hay wire too, one day hot, the next cold so I sometimes have to dig some jumpers out of the suitcase for a few days until the weather has settled down a bit.