Monday, 30 May 2011

What to wear to a garden party

I recently received an invitation to a garden party from one of my husband's friends. I have never been invited to a formal summer garden party before and the invitation is definately posing an interesting challenge for my "chic and minimalist wardrobe".

The dress code is  formal and the party starts at 6.30 in the evening. Most garden parties are held in the afternoon, so a garden party in the evening is an added challenge.

Will my wardrobe contain a solution? I hope so. 

For women, the usual outfit  to wear to a formal day time garden party revolves around a formal summer day dress. The overall look of the dress should be pretty and summery and reflect the fact that it will be worn in a garden setting.

The fabric should be light to medium weight, in light to medium colours and either plain or printed. A beautiful floral printed dress is ideal. The dress can be worn with a jacket, cardigan or wrap incase the weather turns cool.

For a formal garden party, you are normally required to wear a summer hat, which has the practical function of keeping the sun out of your eyes.  For less formal parties a pretty straw summer hat is ideal.

For shoes, pretty medium to high wedge heel shoes are perfect as they are dressy, yet unlike shoes with a stilletto heel won't sink into soft turf.

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