Saturday, 20 August 2011

Minimalist Wardrobe for Women - The No. 1 Top Tip.

I consider the No.1 Top Tip to creating a chic and minimalist wardrobe for women is to Review and Edit your wardrobe Twice a year.

I like to review my wardrobe twice a year, at the begining of spring and autumn.

Because my wardrobe is organised by mini-wardrobes according to each activity area, it makes the job much easier.

Mini-Wardrobes based on your lifestyle activities is the secret to creating a minimalist wardrobe. If you would like to find out why and learn how you can easily create them  Click Here

I simply review each of my Mini-wardrobes, find the clothes for a particular activity and see if they still fit, and still in good condition.

I then make sure I have enough clothes / outfits in this mini-wardrobe and if there are gaps, I put them on my shopping list.

This is the system that I use to create and maintain my wardrobe. As my lifestyle changes, I add or subtract mini-wardrobes.

It is imortant to make sure you have enough clothes in each of your mini-wardrobes. Any surplus can be discarded, leaving you with the bare minimum that you need. 

That to me is the No.1 Top Tip to having a minimalist wardrobe, one where you have enough clothes to meet your chosen lifestyle activities and no more.

As a result, each item in your wardrobe is there for a reason.

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